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Radian MC Starting at $1125
Radian MC
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Multicast transmitter with up to 4 receivers simultaneously, wireless uncompressed HDMI video up to 1080p, less than 2 msec. latency, AES 128 bit encryption, LOS range over 300 feet. FCC, CE, RoHS certified.


  • Radian MC multicast transmitter and receiver

  • HDMI female to female adaptor for transmitter

  • AC power supply for receiver

  • USB to mini USB power cable for transmitter

  • USB to 3.5 mm barrel plug power cable for receiver

  • Remote control and infrared link for receiver

Each additional receiver after the first also includes the following parts: AC power supply for receiver, USB to 3.5 mm barrel plug power cable for receiver, 12 inch thin HDMI cable (A-A), remote control and infrared link for receiver.

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