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Camera Motion Research White Paper on High Performance Wireless HD Video

Enclosed Connex Mini TX and RX sets with D-tap LEMO power connectors.
Original Amimon Connex
The Amimon Connex the original high performance low cost wireless HD set system.
Connex Mini
The Connex Mini is the lowest cost high performance wireless HD set system available anywhere.
Connex Fusion
The Connex Mini transmitter and Fusion receiver provide the industry’s longest LOS range with standard omnidirectional antennas.
Connex Long Range
The Connex Mini transmitter and Connex LR receiver provide the industry’s longest LOS range with directional antennas built into the receiver.
Innovative high quality products from iFootage including the Shark Slider and Motion Control systems, the M1 III crane and the T5 tripod.
iFootage Shark Mini
The Ifootage Shark Mini breaks new ground with light weight and beltless design for portability with motion control.
Radian Wireless HD
Amimon WHDI professional quality chip sets for best uncompressed resolutions and frame rates up to full 1080P(60), near zero latency, and line-of-sight range up to 300 feet.
APPI-COM full-duplex radio sets have unique patented team communication technology.
Blackbird Camera Stabilizer
Excellent stabilizer performance provided by a precision gimbal with SmoothTouch adjustable friction. A new standard for ease of setup and adjustment.