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Camera Motion Research Command View

Whether you call it a drone, UAV or UAS, the CMR Command View can provide the additional flexibility you need for your mission.

Fire Departments - Police Departments - Rescue Squads - Industrial Inspection

Command View
The CMR Command View provides a robust solution to the often needed requirement to send secure live video from a UAV pilot to a command station.


It is a self-contained wireless video station with a 15.6 in., 1920 x 1080 resolution, 1000 NIT sunlight viewable monitor, in a Pelican case.


It includes the Amimon Connex Fusion wireless receiver and Connex Mini transmitter with an LOS range of 3300 ft. with zero latency, and up to full 1080 P(60). Two V-mount lithium ion batteries provide up to 9 hours of total operating time.


The Command View can be set up and running in minutes on a stand or in a command vehicle.


The receiver stored in the case can be mounted on the lid of the case. Or the receiver can be mounted on an antenna mast, tripod or on top of a vehicle using the 15 ft. HDMI and power cable (always attached). After mounting the receiver and turning on the power, the connect time to the transmitter is typically less than 10 seconds.

Command View


Command View


Command View
Receiver and 15 ft. HDMI/Power cable stored in case


One V-mount battery charger/ AC adapter can also be stored in the case.


Command View
The Amimon Connex Mini transmitter is small and light. The transmitter requires an HDMI video signal. It works very well attached to the back of a DJI Crystal Sky ™ monitor with velcro tape. Or using the included CMR Mini TX cage, the transmitter can be attached to a controller using ¼-20 mounting points.


Operating time with one CMR lithium ion battery is about 4 hours. 


Note: The Connex Mini transmitter can simultaneously transmit to up to 4 receivers without any loss of performance or range. 


Command View