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The PS2

CMR Radian wireless HD transmitters and receivers are manufactured with Amimon WHDI professional quality chip sets for best uncompressed resolutions and frame rates up to full 1080P(60), near zero latency, and line-of-sight range over 300 feet.

Radian sets operate on the unlicensed 5 GHz band, and transmitters and receivers require 5 volt power. They have simple plug in and play operation, and the best channel is selected automatically on power up, and seamlessly switched if necessary during operation if conditions change.

Radian in Action

Radian in Use with MOVI

Choose Unicast or advanced Multicast capability

Radian Pro unicast set 
*****Out of Stock*****

For connecting one transmitter to one receiver

Radian MC multicast set

For connecting one transmitter to up to
4 receivers simultaneously

Specifications: Radian Pro and Radian MC
Input/Output HDMI
Uncompressed HDMI up to 1080(60) 10 bit 4:2:2
Over 300 ft. LOS
Less than 2 ms.
AES 128 bit
Transmitter: USB mini, 5V, 3.5 W
Receiver: Barrel 3.5 mm, 5V, 4.5 W average (2A max intermittent)
Transmitter: 3.7 x 1.2 x .6" / 1.3 oz.
Reciever: 3.9 x 2.2 x .9" / 2.7 oz.
Operating Temp
32 °F to 122 °F
FCC (indoor and outdoor)
EU ETSI (indoor)

Radian Pro and MC sets for the US have the maximum number of DFS and non-DFS channels available with Amimon professional chipsets in full compliance with FCC Part 15 unlicensed rules for indoor and outdoor use. Radian sets shipped to the EU have a modified DFS and non-DFS frequency set in order to insure full compliance with ETSI rules for indoor use.

Experience the Versatility

RED Camera

Wireless video connections eliminate the need for trailing cables from cameras to a director’s monitor or video village. They free up camera operators from the distraction of directors/DPs or clients crowding around the camera to see what is being shot. They are perfect tools for camera crane operation, or for follow focus assistants working with a steadycam operator, and with the new multi-axis stabilizers coming on the market. Radian wireless sets provide new possibilities for affordable cable free video connections up to HD resolution at sporting events, entertainment venues, and faith services.

Radian in Action

CMR Radian wireless sets combined with CMR Camlink Backbones provide compact wireless video solutions using USB batteries for more than 6 hours of operation for both the TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver). The large battery option on the TX Backbone (simply move one battery clip) can extend operating time to 10 hours without a battery change.

Backbones are made from milled anodized aluminum, and battery clips are chrome plated spring steel. The TX and RX Backbones each have three orthogonal ¼-20 threaded mounting holes, and include camera hot shoe mounts (TX only) and thumb studs with locking nut accessories for mounting to cameras and monitors or other rigs. Both TX and RX Backbones include USB power cables and thin HDMI cables. TX includes accessory/thru hole mounting block.

CamLink TX and RX Backbones

click each image to enlarge

TX BackBone

Included Parts

TX Backbone Specifications

Anodized aluminum, chrome plated spring steel
2.7 x 1.8 x 1.5" / 3.8 oz.
Holds Battery
~2" wide x 1.2" thick or ~2.7" wide x 1.2" thick

RX BackBone

Included Parts

RX Backbone Specifications

Anodized aluminum, chrome plated spring steel
4 x 1.8 x 1.5" / 4.7 oz.
Holds Battery
~2.7" wide x 1.2" thick

NEW! The MINI TX Backbone requested by customers wanting the smallest and lightest transmitter package with self-contained power is now available. The MINI TX Backbone is made from machined delrin , and our chrome plated spring steel battery clip. It has two ¼-20 mounting holes. The MINI TX Backbone uses a smaller lithium battery that powers the transmitter for over 3 hours. The battery has an on/off switch , and a very accurate digital display of remaining % power, that indicates both during powering, and during charging. The MINI TX BackBone kit ships with one battery, USB power cable, anodized aluminum thumb stud, cold shoe mount, and choice of thin HDMI. Weight including Radian TX, backbone and battery is 6 oz.

MINI TX Backbone
Included Parts

MINI TX Backbone Specifications

Delrin and chrome plated spring steel
1.7 x 1.5 x 1.5 " / 2 oz.
Holds Battery
~ .9 x .9 x 3.5"


  1. Anker Astro 8400
  2. PowerGen Mobile PowerPack 900
  3. PowerGen JuicePack 8400
  4. RavPower RP-PB12 8400
  5. Anker Astro 5600
  6. PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack 5200
  7. RavPower Power Bank 5600
  8. Anker 2nd Gen 9000
  9. Mophie Powerstation Duo

The CamLink TX and RX Backbones are designed to work with multiple brands of widely available USB lithium batteries. These batteries were developed for the hugh market of charging cell phones and tablets and are reliable low cost devices with a proven track record. We have over 10 months testing experience with some of them. You can purchase Anker Astro batteries and a dual port charger in our store.

Radian Case

Radian Custom Case

The Radian case provides compact and light weight protection for your Radian wireless system components. The case has pockets for a Radian Pro transmitter and receiver with Backbones attached, along with pockets for 4 batteries, power and HDMI cables, USB battery charger, hot shoe adaptors and thumb studs. It can also be used to store a multicast transmitter and 2 receivers with Backbones along with 5 or 6 batteries and other accessories.

D-tap Power

Use your on-board battery with the CamLink D-tap connector with 5 volt @ 2 amp. converter to power your Radian transmitters or receivers. The D-tap converter will accept voltages from 9 to 22 volts, and it includes polarity protection so that in the very unlikely event that the D-tap plug is inserted incorrectly (mating connector mis-wired, worn/out of spec.), there will be no damage to the converter or connected devices.

Director’s Monitor Yoke

CamLink monitor yokes are lightweight anodized aluminum construction with comfortable hand grips. Each beam has six 1/4-20 threaded holes for accessories. Yoke height is adjustable from 5 ¼ in. up to 8 in., and handle spacing accommodates monitors up to 10 in. wide.


Radian and CamLink Wirelsss Products Price List

For shipment to EU countries please contact us at sales@camotionllc.com.


Part #


Radian Director's Monitor RM12 Multicast Bundle (F970 or LP-E6 plate) RB20 $1575
Radian Director's Monitor RM12 Multicast Bundle (Anton or V-Mount plate + D-tap) RB20 $1670

Radian Pro Out of Stock


Out of Stock

Radian MC  TX + 1 RX  Out of Stock


Out of Stock

Radian MC  TX + 2 RX 


Out of Stock

Radian MC  TX + 3 RX


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Radian MC  TX + 4 RX


Out of Stock

Radian MC Receiver


Sale   $199

TX Backbone


Sale  $69

RX Backbone


Sale $69

TX + RX Backbone Set


Sale $130

MINI Transmitter Backbone

TXM1 Sale $99

Monitor yoke






D-tap Converter



Anker 5600 Battery



Anker 8400 Battery



2600 mAh Battery  (for TXM1 Mini TX Backbone)

BA26 $25

USB Charger


Out of stock

12 in. HDMI cable



24 in. HDMI cable



12 in. HDMI to mini HDMI cable



24 in. HDMI to mini HDMI cable



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