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Unicast to Multicast Trade in - Upgrade to Multicast Program

Owners of Radian Pro unicast TX/RX sets (or Paralinx Arrow® unicast TX/RX sets) can trade in their unicast set and upgrade to a Radian MC multicast TX/RX set with 2 or more receivers at a very affordable cost.

Radian Pro trade in to Radian Multicast Set Costs

Upgrade to a Radian RM12 (2 RX) -- $600 ERM12

Upgrade to a Radian RM13 (3 RX) -- $975 ERM13

Upgrade to a Radian RM14 (4 RX) -- $1300 ERM14

Paralinx Arrow trade in to Radian Multicast Set Costs

Upgrade to a Radian RM12 (2 RX) -- $625 EPRM12

Upgrade to a Radian RM13 (3 RX) -- $1000 EPRM13

Upgrade to a Radian RM14 (4 RX) -- $1325 EPRM14

Here’s how the exchange program works

Place your order in our webstore for an ERM12 (or EPRM12), ERM13 or (EPRM13) or ERM14 (or EPRM14), and ship your Radian Pro RP10 transmitter and receiver (or Paralinx Arrow transmitter and receiver) to CMR. The returned unicast set will be tested, and if it is fully functional, your RMXX set will be shipped to you within 2 business days. If the returned unicast set is defective, it will be returned to you, and payment for the upgrade will be fully refunded.

What is the warranty period on the upgrade RMXX set?

The MC sets shipped are new and unused, but the warranty coverage is 6 months.

1 year warranties are an additional cost of $50 for the ERM12 (or EPRM12), $100 for the ERM13 (or EPRM13), and $150 for the ERM14 (or EPRM14).

Additional instructions

Trade in sets should include appropriate power cables, AC power adaptors for the receiver, and IR remote and sensor cable.

Please include your order # with the returned Radian Pro or Paralinx Arrow set, and ship it to:

Camera Motion Research
3200 Gresham Lake Rd.
Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27615
ph: 919-876-6020

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