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Why Choose the Blackbird?

What are some reasons why you might choose the Blackbird over a Steadicam Merlin® or Glidecam HD 1000/2000/4000®?

  1. Blackbird has higher ratios of moment of inertia to weight in any axis.
  2. Blackbird has the best engineered camera stage for easy horizontal plane adjustment.
  3. Blackbird has SmoothTouch friction adjustment in the roll and tilt axes to reduce roll and tilt pendulum motion.
  4. Blackbird on-axis handle design does not produce the wrist torque fatigue associated with the off- axis handle design of the Glidecam® models. Note: Off- axis handle designs do not reduce vertical bobbing.
  5. Blackbird stability with small cameras (0.5 to 1.5 lbs) is much better than the Merlin® while only adding about 0.5 lb to the total rig weight. For cameras weighing more than 4 lb the Blackbird weighs about the same as the Merlin® but has significantly larger moments of inertia in all three axes.

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