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iFootage Diagram

iFootage M1 III Specifications

Construction Carbon fiber and aluminum
Weight 8.4 lb
Tube diameter 1.7 x 1.6 in.
Extended length 85 in.
Folded length 38 in.
Maximum radius 47 in.
Tilt length 83 in.
Maximum load 33 lb
Low-angle load 22 lb

New Tilt and Hold Function

This feature will quite literally take your videography to the next level, whether you're shooting in a studio or outdoors.

To get a beautifully unusual angle, use the Tilt function to focus on your subject while moving the crane up and down.

Or you can use the normal operation of the camera holding its set tilt level while moving the crane up and down.


The brand new locking buckle design facilitates quick crane extension for those situations where you need to act fast to get that perfect shot.

This secure locking system also keeps your equipment safe.