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The Shark without extension rails has over 19 in. of travel. It can be mounted on a tripod using the under- rail cheeseplate with multiple 3/8-16 and ¼-20 threaded holes.

Carbon fiber rails, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction means you’ll never have to worry about corrosion

The travel can be extended to 40 inches with the addition of the two carbon fiber extension rails. Precision manufacturing of the rails and end fittings to control concentricity, results in a perfect joint that doesn’t produce a bump as the carriage moves over it. Adding or removing the extension rails is easy and quick.

The extended length Shark can be mounted using a tripod on the under-rail cheeseplate and another tripod, or a light stand on the opposite end block. Or even using just light stands under each end block.

The Shark slider wide rail spacing is better for stability, and the carriage features easy adjustment of bearing tension.

All adjustments including adding extension rails are tool-less. The allen wrench attached under the carriage can be used for COMPLETE disassembly of the Shark.

The carriage has a locking knob, standard 3/8 -16 mounting bolt and built in bubble levels.

Multi-position adjustable legs allow leveling on uneven surfaces. Hard rubber ball feet will not scratch surfaces.

The end blocks can drop onto light stand spigots and locked, or mounted to a tripod using the 3/8 - 16 or 1/4 -20 holes on the bottom.

An optional auxiliary 2nd flywheel can be used for the most incredibly smooth shots.

Shark Kit Specifications

Feature Without Extension Rails With Extension Rails
Weight including flywheel 7.5 lb 8.5 lb
Useable travel 19 in. 40 in.

Weight of main flywheel: 1.65 lb

Weight of auxiliary flywheel: 1 lb

Carrying case dimensions: 32 x 7.5 x 6 in.

Shark Accessories Sold Separately

Shark Accessories

PN: SER1 Extension Rails

For owners of the Shark slider without any extension rails.

Buy now for $117

Note: includes extension belt to extend the Shark travel to 40"

PN: SER2 Extension Rails and 3600mm belt

For owners of the Shark slider with one set of extension rails. Adding a 2nd set of extension rails increases the travel to ~ 60 inches

Buy now for $134

Flywheel Packaging Flywheel

SAF1 Auxiliary Flywheel

For owners of the original Shark S1 Kit without the auxiliary flywheel

Buy now for $42

Download Shark Slider User Guide (PDF)

VIDEO: iFootage Shark Slider S1 Review 1

VIDEO: iFootage Shark Slider S1 Review 2